Hand disinfectants

30,00 kn

Natural product based on natural enzymes, and distilled water and alcohol, with the addition of essential oils: tea tree, ravintsvare and lemon eucalyptus.
Packaging: 100 ml glass bottle and plastic syringe or with clapboard lid, 100 ml


Use: when staying outside, and after touching any objects spray a little on the arm and rub well. Dry hand washing is a very simple process that, due to alcohol that quickly volatiles and also acts disinfectant, as well as natural enzymes that I have been using as a base for washing and cleaning agents for years. There are also the highest quality essential oils that act antibacterial and antiviral, which are primarily tea and ravintsvara, with the addition of lemon eucalyptus. In this means, in the first place, efficiency is important, and less odor. Since the agent is a fast-deafness, the smell if it bothers you will quickly disappear. Natural enzymes are derived as fermented extracts from fruit and vegetable peels, and for disinfectants I use natural enzymes derived from citrus. I source raw material from organic producers.
Hand disinfectants can be found in all Veronika delicatessen shops in Zagreb and Rijeka and its surroundings.