What are tinctures and how do they work?

Tinctures are liquid alcoholic extracts from medicinal plants. They are highly effective as medicinal herbal drops taken on their own or in addition to drink and food.

We produce them according to the original recipe: home made
From completely healthy, organic, fresh herbs or dried – powder.
Very strong action
They have no adverse effects – side effects.
100 Natural

What’s good to know about Tinctures?

Tinctures are liquid extracts of plants. These are concentrated plant preparations, containing the medicinal ingredients of plants extracted (extracted) in liquid form. For the production of tinctures, alcohol used adds water or apple cider vinegar. The production of tinctures with alcohol is a method thousands of years old and used by all the serious herbalists in the world. Alcohol is used because the most important medicinal ingredients, such as essential oils, resules, steroid alkaloids and numerous other bio-chemical substances or phytochemicals, are much better dissolved in alcohol than in water (tea) or by any other means. Moreover, certain important phytochemicals from plants can only be dissolved in alcohol.

A number of advantages of tinctures:

1. Tinctures are much stronger and more concentrated than tea. Only 2-3 drops tinctures are equal, even stronger than a whole cup of tea. It is precisely from for such reasons is that the consumption of tinctures alone is health problems. Sometimes it’s hard, because of work and other obligation, drink large amounts of tea. Instead of tea, we then use Tinctures.
2. Medicinal Tincture Ingredients Can Be Better Digested and Assimilated than the raw plants themselves, especially if we have problems with digestion. The medicinal ingredients of tincture enter the bloodstream quickly, almost instantly. Therefore, tinctures can be, among other things, both first aid and emergency medicine Cases.
3. Alcohol maintains tincture and significantly extends the shelf life, almost unlimited time. The longer the tincture stands, the greater its effect. For those who have an aversion to alcohol itself (although minimum trolleys) there is a very simple solution, its dose of tinctures instill in hot tea or pour hot water and all alcohol will evaporate.
4. Unlike tinctures produced in domestic work, commercial tinctures are generally of poor quality and are ineffective, because they are not prepared from adequate and unprocessed herbs, and in smaller cons on-the-cui steries. Tinctures produced in domestic radiance are very often can be of poorer quality, mostly due to the lower amount of plants, or poorer quality of plants used in preparation.

Tinctures prepared and manufactured within the project Natural enzyme guarantee quality and efficiency!