Natural Enzyme (Extract)

Nutrition and protection for plants, detergent and cleaning agent, insect repellent: ants, cockroaches, flies, mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, etc.

This universal solution is obtained from an organic composition (fruit and vegetable bark, molasses or brown sugar and water) and is completely organic! As I produce Natural Enzyme, a natural herbal product that serves as a plant fertilizer, for plant nutrition and protection, and as a fungicide (aphids and other diseases) and insecticide (proven effective against ants, flies, mosquitoes, spiders, ticks and other insects). I want to introduce you to a product that is a worthy substitute for chemistry – pesticides, except that it is not a herbicide. You will still have to work for the weeds :). Organic production is more than imperative today. Pesticides have destroyed not only humus and arable land, but indirectly rivers, lakes, endangered drinking water sources, all living matter in the waters and on land, and it is high time to turn to self-sustainable, environmentally friendly fertilizer, feed and pest control. Natural enzymes, since they are a plant fertilizer and a nutrient-free diet, have no withdrawal period, and are suitable for gardens, orchards, flowers, vines and olives. Treatment with Natural enzymes has a direct effect on plant growth hormone and later on the fruit, and they become stronger and more resistant and automatically less susceptible to various diseases. It shows very good results in aphids removal, Old varieties of vine could only be treated with enzymes. The results so far are excellent, and similar to other fruit and vegetable crops, of which tomatoes have shown remarkable progress with the application of enzyme by irrigation or foliation, the fruits were ultimately larger, finer, and the whole plant stronger, and therefore healthier. and more resistant to possible diseases because with the addition of enzymes the plant boosts its immunity.

Farmers who use a natural enzyme instead of chemical fertilizers have noticed increased yields, the fruits taste better, and there are far fewer cases of bacterial diseases that otherwise affect crops.
– the occurrence of plant diseases is declining,
– improved soil quality,
– heavy metals and toxins such as those from chemical fertilizers are degraded,
– improved air quality

Plant nutrition and protection

Instructions for use:
Universal packing of fermented enzyme extract with dropper is ideal for plant nutrition and protection. Only 15 drops are sufficiently poured into 500 ml of water and sprayed foliarly on the leaves and the plant. Much more economical than watering, the plant directly gets everything it needs over the leaf.
Unlike watering where one part irreversibly passes into the ground and the root takes up only one small part of the solution.
This ratio is also good enough to drive aphids, and with regular application of the plant, they become stronger and more resistant to possible diseases. Plants are treated every two weeks, and only for houseplants can we do a little more often, especially in the summer.

Washing and cleaning

Instructions for use:
We can use the extract to treat stains, stains, contaminated surfaces on windows (1:10), floors (1: 300), kitchen cabinets, toilets, tiles (1: 1 to 1:10), cell phone screens, televisions and other techniques that clean and wipe with a mild enzyme solution and then wipe (1:10). It cleans and cleanses all types of contaminants if they are of organic origin. It can eliminate inorganic impurities, though not always, but with much more effort and without much dilution.

Against ants (in the apartment, at home or outside), cockroaches, flies, flies, ticks, fleas, mosquitoes in the room …

Instructions for use:
The Earth’s natural ant and insect enzyme is used at a ratio of 1:10. It is ideal to use distilled water as this will not cause reactions with the enzyme and the solution will remain of the same odor. Spring water, well water or rainwater may be used instead of distilled water. The tap water inevitably reacts after a while and the solution smells bad.
For flies, flies and mosquitoes in the dwelling, a solution of 1:10 in a container or beaker may be used which is allowed to evaporate slightly and evaporate in the room or closer to the window. An essential oil lamp may be used in which a small amount of enzyme (approx. 5-7 drops) is stored. This will drive flies, flies and mosquitoes out of the room.

The natural enzyme in all other packages can be used for all of the above, for plants the ratio of use is 1: 100 to 1: 200 every two weeks and the rest is the same as it says for a 100 ml pack.